I have a Masterís Degree in Electrical Engineering (1984) and a Bachelorís in Physics (1979) with a Minor in Mathematics, both from Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Iím a member of the Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Honor Society, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Workshop.  I'm married and have three teenage kids.

Iím an emerging filmmaker and have completed 11 short films on Digital Video. "Bottled Genie" was a finalist in the 2000 iCast $100K contest. (iCast is no longer in existence). "What a Shirt!" won a third place prize in the 2000 Port Authority $50K contest. In 1995 and 1997, my scripts made the semifinals in National contests (one of those scripts was "Bottled Genie" the movie). In 1994 a spec script earned me an invitation to pitch ideas to Michael Piller, an executive producer at Paramount Studios (Star Trek).

I am a graduate of the Hollywood Film Institute 2 day seminar (presented by Dov Simmons) and have taken several courses in video production offered by my local cable TV company. However, the best way to learn is to do it, so I have been concentrating on making the shorts up until now. I have completed my first full length feature, "Space Specks", in 2002.  Iím now starting production of "Bottled Genie".

I no longer list my email address due to spam but you might be able to reach me at hotmail by my first initial followed by my last name.

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