5/24/95 - The pool people showed up to work on the pool so we didn't get a lot done Saturday.  However, we managed to make a lot of progress on Sunday.  Due to the slips, we are about one week behind schedule.  On a two month project, this is not bad.  Instead of completing on Sat 6/18, we should finish on Sun 6/26.  However, there are a few scenes I'd like to reshoot after that, and of course, there are tons of special effects to do.

Top left is Ricky, top right is Egor, makeup by Jen.  Second row left is Fouod in one of his better moods, on the right is a dancing Rat.  Third row left are Kenny, Beau, and the Rat as they prepare for the scene which turned out really good.  They all made me laugh during the shooting with their terrific acting.  On the right are me and the Rat, practicing our snarls.  Fourth row left are Ricky and Beau playing darts.  They had to put holes in the picture of Fouod so it looked used (or so they told me).  On the right are Alison, Kenny, Brad, and Beau right after giving Alison some dart throwing tips.  I think her response was, "That's not in the script!"  (With regard to hitting the board.  The script only calls for her throwing darts *at* the board).  Fifth row left is Jen applying warts to Brad.  Damn those warts looked ugly!  Great job, Jen!  :-)  On the right are Jonathan, Lenny, and Ricky right before we shot the Bachelor's party scene.  That particular scene turned out a little flat so I'm hoping to reshoot it.  Sixth row left is Beau on location.  He was suppose to be calling Lisa but I'm not sure who he really called.  On the right is Jen as she makes up Ricky in the Rat suit.  Steph got the job of attaching the tail I think.  :-)  Finally, bottom row left is Kenny napping on the couch.  See, I don't work my actors until they drop!  What?  No, he really is napping!  I swear I didn't drive him into the ground!!!  And on the right is Liza as she prepares for her scenes.



Friendly Fouod

Dancing Rat



Bulls Eye!

Read the script, Guys!

What you looking at???



He looks like me!

Napping.  I swear it!

What a wonderful smile!

5/22/05 - Last weekend was wonderful!  On Sunday we completed every single scene that was scheduled (a first!).  I didn't post anything last week because work was real tough and I didn't have time.  We shot more today but I'll have to post that later.  Anyway, performances last week were terrific!  Brad had a great suggestion during the Pyramid hallway scene and then Beau and Greg added to it to make it a really funny scene!  I had to leave the garage during filming because I couldn't contain my laughter.  Kudos to those guys!  Sara did a great job for her first speaking role!  I loved Jen's suggestions for hair and make-up.  The glasses made Rachael look more intellectual, I think it really added to the scene.  Kudos to Jen too!  Deborah and Greg did a great job on their fight scene!  It looked very real and nobody got hurt (my insurance company thanks them!)!  Some good ad-libbing took the scene up a couple notches in humor as well, kudos to them too!  I think Kenny makes me laugh every time he performs.  He has Aaron down to a tee.

Here are some pictures.  Top left is my black eye.  (I got it playing racquetball with Ricky, it's better now).  Top right is Sara, a friend of Greg who played a police woman for us.  Doesn't she look as tough as nails?  (Thanks to make up by Jen).  Second row left is Brad and Deborah.  We keep forgetting about Brad's glasses so you might see a few scenes where Fouod wears glasses.  The right picture is my Mom and Brad looking at the script.  My Mom is the script supervisor and is doing a super job.  The third row is some pictures of Deborah and Greg.  Deborah wears some high heeled boots (at my request) to make her tower over Norse (played by Greg).  Although they do they job, they are rather tight and make Deborah's feet sore.  So, if you see her limping in any scenes, you know why.  :-)  Fourth row left is Deborah and Greg again.  I think I'm marveling at how good her boots look.  :-)  On the right is Jen applying makeup to Rachael.  Fifth row on the left are some slackers.  Either that or they had a hard night of partying.  :-)  On the right are Beau and I.  Bottom row left are Beau and Ricky.  Ricky is trying to give Beau rabbit ears.  Bottom right is Kenny as Aaron the blue genie.  Looks good, doesn't he, girls?  :-)

Rocky Horror Picture Show???

Sara the Cop!

Fouod with glasses

Mom and Fouod

If you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours!

Deborah, Greg, and Beau

You want us to do what?

An artist at work

Slackers on the job

Beau and I

No, that's not the Finger

Lights!  Camera!  More lights!

5/8/05 - What a great weekend!  We shot everything that was scheduled to be shot!  The acting was terrific!  I lost it several times and couldn't contain my laughter.  Greg was hilarious, I didn't know anyone could look so funny eating a sandwich.  Kenny falling down on cue looked incredibly realistic!  As Kenny laid passed out on the floor, Beau said, "Come on Pretty Boy" (not in the script) and I lost it again.  The living room scene was the longest scene in the movie and everyone did a great job.  In one scene, Beau and Liza had to kiss and freeze so we could have Alison and Kenny materialize.  I kept getting the camera wrong but I didn't hear one single complaint when we had to do it again and again and again!  Below are some pictures (I remembered the still camera this time!).  Top left are David, Kevin, Ricky, and Greg as Secret Service Agents as they surround the house.  Top right is me standing in the middle of the street taking pictures.  Some people will do anything to take a good shot, eh?  Behind me is Greg getting out of Ricky's car.  Second row on left is Alison in her costume going over her lines.  Hot costume, eh?  Ok, ok, it's what's in it that makes it hot.  :-)  On right is Jonathon as a slave (this was shot last weekend).  Third row on left are Kenny, Jen, and Beau playing around inbetween scenes.  Jen did the make-up for Ricky (see 4th row) and got Kenny's military uniform to fit.  I really hope we see more of her work during the shoot!  On right are Beau, Liza, and Kenny going over lines in the living room.  4th row is Ricky.  Does anyone recognize him???  :-)  Bottom row left is Lisa (my daughter) as Elisha.  You might think she's hot, but frankly, she just looks like a daughter to me.  :-)  Finally, bottom right is Mark, a body guard.  These last two were shot last weekend.

Secret Agents everywhere!

Some people will do anything to get a shot

Va, va, va, voom!


On guard!

Bottles, bottles, everywhere


Cool Ricky

Hubba, hubba!


5/5/05 - Things went fairly well last weekend.  The people were here to fix the pool on Sunday and they made a lot of noise so we couldn't shoot when they were cutting bricks.  We're a little behind schedule but not a lot.  Completion of taping is scheduled for the day before Father's Day.  I don't have pictures to post, I've been extremely busy.  I keep forgetting to take pictures with the digital still camera, things are pretty hectic during a shoot.  Still trying to obtain props and costumes for later scenes.  I must say that I'm extremely pleased with the actor's performances thus far.  Ricky and I have had to turn away from the camera to keep from laughing on several occasions.  I'm very anxious to see the completed movie, if things continue the way they are, it's going to be very good!

4/29/05 - Taping went extremely well last weekend.  Brad's costume arrived so we are set to shoot this weekend.  I will finish up the green screen Sat.




Green screen construction

4/22/05 - Filming will start this Saturday.  The cast has been selected and I think we have a really great bunch of actors.  The green screen in my garage is almost complete.  I'll put up some pictures when I can, things are moving really fast right now so I'm incredibly busy.  Sabrina's costume didn't fit but I managed to get another one in time (arrived today).  Fouod's costume didn't fit either so we're having a custom one made.  Hopefully it will be here by 4/30 (cross your fingers) otherwise I'll have to postpone his scenes another week.  I'll update status when I can, but the most important thing is to keep the production rolling.  Still have props and costumes to obtain.  Still looking for a few bit actors.  Still need a make-up artist.

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