6/19/05 - A spectacular day of shooting!  Nam had some terrific suggestions as to the fighting scenes and did a fantastic job of choreographing all of the fights!  We only had one instance of a real connection between a fist and a chin!  Brad is one tough cookie because I didn't even realize it happened until Kenny suddenly apologized!  The other pyramid scenes went
very well and I think everything is going to look great when it is all edited together.  The special effects on this one will take some time, but I think it will turn out to be the spectacular climatic magic enriched fight scene I was hoping for.  Kudos to everyone!  (Do I have any Kudos left?  I can't use them all up, can I?). :-)

We shot most of the scenes outside against the side of my garage to give us more room to work with.  Below left we have Nam, me, my Mom, and Greg.  Greg provided many useful suggestions so thanks for coming!  On the right is Nam explaining a fight sequence.  Second row left is more instruction by Nam.  On the right Brad flies through the scene!  I can see the flames coming up behind him!  Bottom row left is Kenny making a jump.  Once again, Kenny's stunts were really good.  Especially considering the clothes he's wearing!  On the bottom right is Brad once again.  He got a real work out today!  Great job everyone!  One more weekend!  (Actually there is one weekend of makeup shots, but 99% of the shooting will be done as of next weekend).

The easy part - watching the action.

Nam explaining the sequence.

More instruction.

Brad flying through the scene!

Kenny jumping over a burst of magic!

He who did most of the running.

6/17/05 - Things went really well this weekend.  Ted and Michelle gave outstanding performances as the President and First Lady!  Deborah and Greg were fantastic in the chase scene around the house!  Boy, did Beau fly through the backyard, I had trouble keeping the camera on him!  We dropped the Thug scenes because we ran out of time, but on Sun we picked up some scenes that weren't scheduled (kudos to Liza!).  The Lenny and Liza scene went really well, if I hadn't seen Liza splashing water on her face I would've thought she was really crying!  A great performance!  The guilty look on Lenny's face was terrific!  It almost made me laugh and ruin the scene!  And Beau's performance was solid throughout!  I don't know how
much sleep he didn't get, but you couldn't tell the difference on screen!  He looked fresh and vibrant!  (After I yelled, "Action!" of course).  Great job people!  Only two more weeks to go!

The first picture is the clothes Beau was wearing so he doesn't forget.  The second picture is where the cadillac was so I won't forget.  :-)

Remember to bring these clothes, Beau!

Where I parked the Caddy.

Next are pictures of Ted and Michelle.

He looks the part!

And so does she!

On the left is a picture of Deborah posing for SWAT Magazine and on the right we have Greg and Deborah head to head.  Originally Krogan was a male but after Deborah's audition, we wanted her to play the part.  The script still had some references to Krogan as a male rather than a female.  :-)

Cool and sexy!

I'm a she!

On the left are Deborah, me, and my Mom.  I played the Director of the Secret Service.  On the right you see my moustache in it's natural color.  I swear I dyed it white for the Director scene, honest!  I'm smiling because we must've just finished shooting or something.  :-)

The short guy is me

My natural color moustache

On the left is Ricky with the boom.  Doesn't he look guilty of something?  (I never found out what it was).  On the right are Liza and Lenny.


Peek a boo

Below on the right we eat lunch.  From left to right, it's Lenny, Me, Liza, and Steph.  And finally, on the right is Beau in his normal sleeping position.

6/9/04 - There was no shooting over Memorial Day weekend.  This last weekend we got a lot accomplished.  It was probably the most productive weekend we've had.  Acting was terrific, *as usual* !  I owe Kenny an apology.  I hate practical jokes so I have no idea what possessed me to play one.  I filled one of the bottles with white wine (we use water when we're shooting) and put the bottle in the crate.  I didn't know who was going to get it, Kenny or Beau.  It turned out to be Kenny and the script called for Aaron to take a huge belt from his bottle.  You can't imagine the horror I felt when Kenny started chugging from his bottle as the script dictated.  I thought I was going to have a genuine drunk actor on my hands!  It was inappropriate for me to do that and I've learned my lesson.  Anyway, below are some pictures.

Can someone give me a hand?

Good times!

You put *what* in my bottle???

Magic carpet ride.

The Prince about to wake Sleeping Beauty.

Great make-up!

See here, you're supposed to fly *under* the plane.

Ricky will do anything for a laugh - see!



One too many.

Jen making magic.

One ... two ...

Stick that camera in my face one more time and I'll ...

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