12/28/05 - scene 38 is done!  Act 1 is edited (25% of the movie).  I am posting the clips on my web site and using the yahoogroup to notify people when clips are available for viewing.  If you were in the movie and want to see the clips, send me an email or give me a call.

12/23/05 - Up to scene 17 on the editing.  It was a toughie because the neighbor's kids were screaming the whole time during the shoot and we only had time to shoot one take of everything.  However, with a few editing tricks, I was able to cut out most of the background noise.

12/17/05 - Finally got around to shooting the Pilot/Co-pilot scene.  It went real well.  Also shot a bowing genie for the end.  Need to shoot a jet taking off, maybe this weekend.  Finally started editing.  I'm up to scene 14.  I should make some decent progress over the holidays.

12/13/05 - Bruce Blackburn, a very dear friend of mine since Elementary School, passed away today.  Please keep him in your prayers.

10/31/05 - it has been a long while, sorry.  We discovered back in August that Steph has breast cancer.  She has gone through surgery and is currently going through chemo.  Supporting her plus my very hectic day job has taken virtually all of my spare time.  I have done very little on the production since July.  However, the winds are starting to change.  Check back in a month, I hope to have some progress by then.

7/10/05 - Sorry I haven't updated the web site for a while.  We finished shooting 6/28 and I took it easy over the Fourth of July weekend.  It is nice to relax after over 2 months of hectic shooting every weekend.  We have all of the major scenes shot.  I still have the pilot/copilot scene and some genies coming out of bottles to shoot.  I hope to have them all shot by the end of July.  We also shot the footage for a music video which was a whole lotta fun!  Here are some pictures from the last 2 weeks.

Top left is Beau in the Arabian costume.  Top right is the MiniVan in the garage where we shot the interior of the limo scenes.  Bottom left is Kenny as a chauffeur.  Bottom right is Willow the Pillow.

I really have to wear this?

Yes, I'm taking the wheel off of the car!


I see you!

The following are pictures from the wedding scene.  Top left is Alison (Lenny and Mom in the background), right is Liza.  Middle left is Beau, right is Greg.  Bottom left is Bob, right is Aaron's bottle.

Doesn't she look good!

Her too!

Will those women ever be ready?

Ta da!


Aaron's bottle

Next are pictures taken during the music video.  Top left are Deborah, Greg, and Ricky as the agents.  Top right is Brad doing his imitation of Alison.  Middle left are Kenny, Liza, and Beau dancing away.  Middle right is Jessica, the brains (Choreographer and Director of the Music Video) behind the video.  Bottom left is Ricky, Secret Agent.  Bottom right are Ted, Michelle, Alison, and Ricky.  Ted and Alison were doing a dancing scene.

And finally, we have my Mom as a hand maiden and Willow.

I get to be in the movie!


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