12/31/07 - Spent all vacation working on s018-023.  Should finish early next year.

10/22 - I have spent the last several months modeling and learning how to do character animation (rigging, skin binding, modeling, etc.)>  I am moving forward once again, although slowly.  Working on s018-023 now.  I hope to make major progress over the winter months when there isn't so much outside work to do.  My new target is Oct. 2008 for a completion date.  Not sure if I'll make it or not.

5/13 - I am now up to scene 17.  Unfortunately my day job has been extremely demanding the last several months and I've had very little time for Bottled Genie.  However, I'm still optimistic about meeting my projected date of October 2007.  I am taking 2 weeks vacation in July and will devote the entire time to getting as much done as I can.  I admit I am not thrilled with the quality of work I am doing, it is really hard for me to make the green screen footage look like the background is real, as well as making the animations look real.  However, once the movie is complete, and I have sent it out to festivals, I can spend more time polishing it up.

2/18 - The first 2 scenes are done (except for audio).

2/5 - I finally figured out how to import models from stuff I can buy on the Internet.  Here is one called Bow Your Head.  I will use it for the Throne Room in Fouod's palace (last picture).

1/22/07 - It look me an enormously long time to make the limo (in excess of 80 hours I think), however, it put me over the hump on the learning curve and so future models should go quicker.  However, modeling is still a slow process so I don't think my pace will increase a lot.  Pictures of the limo are below.  I think at this point I'll start working on the scenes in their order of occurrence in the movie.  I think that will help me estimate how much there is left to do.  I am going to try my hardest to make a preliminary date of Oct 1, 2007.  Hopefully, I'll have the movie in good enough shape to start sending it out to festivals.  Sundance would be the first one (and the reason for the Oct date).  My day job continues to be extremely demanding and my commute is close to an hour each way.  Good news is I've built up a lot of vacation, so if things calm down at work, I'll take off an entire month and work on the project.  Unfortunately, that looks like the soonest that would happen would be in July 2007.


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