4/15/08 - Finished s65.  There are about 165 scene segments.  Still lots of green screening to do.  Below is the Oval Office scene, it turned out quite nicely.  Probably should play around with the lighting some more to make it more realistic, but I just want to get done at this point.  The limo really does look like it starts to fly so that one turned out nicely too.  Now working on s66.



1/28/08 - I finally finished s018-023.  What is taking so long is the green screening effort since I have to make traveling masks.  It takes several hours to do a second or two of video.  Now that s018-023 is done, things should go a little quicker since that was one of the more difficult scenes.  I believe the next difficult scene is s81, however there are still quite a few green scenes to do between now and then.



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