Murphy's Laws Casting Call

Auditions for Murphy's Laws will be held June 14 at 3 PM (1 PM is filled).  Send me an email to indicate your interest.  PLEASE DO NOT ATTACH A HEADSHOT OR RESUME TO YOUR EMAIL AS THIS WILL FILL UP MY MAIL BOX AND YOUR EMAIL WILL PROBABLY BE REJECTED.  You may indicate in your email where I can download or view your resume/headshot, however, you need to bring one to the audition.  Dawn Marie Henderson, my Assistant Director, will be conducting the auditions.  Shooting will be done on the weekends starting June 28 and ending August 31 (a detailed schedule will be provided when the roles are offered).  No one will be required to be present on all shooting days, on average, only one or two days are needed for most parts.  The Principal roles will require 2 to 5 weekends.  Actors under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the Talent Release form.

There is the possibility of deferred pay if I'm ever able to make money with this effort (but, the chances of that are small since this will be shot on video, not film).  The 5 principals will receive 1% of the profits, all others will receive 0.5% of the profits.  In order to make a profit, I must recoup over $20,000 in equipment and production expenses and there may be additional expenses associated with distribution.  If the actor is less than 18 years old, any payments will be made to the parent or legal guardian signing the Talent Release form.  This is a non-Union shoot but SAG actors are welcome.  Since this will be shot on video, SAG regulations do not apply.

All participants will receive a trailing credit in the movie and a free VHS or DVD copy of the completed movie.  (Only the 5 principals will receive a leading credit).  Free food will be served during shoots.  Actors must provide their own transportation.  It is my intent to submit the movie to film and video festivals (including Sundance if I can make the Oct 3 deadline) in order to obtain the interest of a theatrical distributor.

Principal Roles (5):

Joey Valentino - white male 15 year old.
Marilyn Huggins - white female, 15 year old.
Adam Walsh - white male, 15 year old.
Sophie Saber - white female, 15 year old.
Zack Thorn - white male, 15 year old.
(Looking for people who can pass for 14-17 range)

Other roles (TBD):

Walter - white male, 18 to 22
Howard - male, 18 to 30
Kyle - male, 18 to 30
Mr. Valentino - white male, 35 to 50
Mr. Walsh - white male, 35 to 50
Mrs. Walsh - white female, 35 to 45
Nitro Girl (pro wressler) - white female, 35 to 45
Hooker - female, 18 to 25

Males and females, 8 to 45 for bit parts (non speaking roles)