7/12/03 - I took down the paintball scene.  I might post a polished version if I ever get around to polishing it.

7/11/03 - For a number of reasons I have decided to stop production of Murphy's Laws.  Trying to make a movie without any funding is just very difficult to do.  The paintball scene turned out well and I'll try to post a sample later.  It needs some work (i.e., additional footage to be shot), but I'm not planning on that at this time.  Part of the problems are getting enough crew (my daughters work full time now so they can't provide full support), getting enough actors (I wasn't able to fill all of the male roles), and scheduling (finding a date and time when all of the necessary actors are available to shoot the scenes).  I think the solution might be to just take vacation and shoot the whole thing in a week rather than spreading it out over 3 months.  But then, I don't think that's what I want to do on my vacation, it's too much work.

7/8/03 - Ok, things did not go smoothly the first day and consequently, Ricky has decided he doesn't want to play Joey.  He will now play Zack.  Sebastian will play Joey and Vladimir will play Adam.  We shot the paintball scene on July 6 and things turned out great!

Ricky gives me a thumbs up as we get ready to drive to the paintball field

Steph holds the blowup doll, Sebastian, Sabrina, and Kevin in the parking lot of the paintball field.

Ricky, Sebastian, and Kevin.  Sebastian is the one holding the gun.  :-)

Vladimir and Kevin.  Kevin played Paintballer #4 and is Vladimir's friend.  As a real live paintballer (as opposed to us actors :-) ) Kevin's technical expertise was invaluable.

Kevin's Dad in the corner, Ricky, and then me.  Kevin's Dad had originally planned to drop Kevin off but he ended up staying and helping out on the set.  A great deal of thanks go to Kevin and his Dad for making the shoot a successful one.

Kevin's Dad, Vladimir, the blowup doll (which we named Barbie), me, Sebastian, and Steph acting as my sound person.

Ricky and Barbie.  He wanted Barbie to have some fun too.

Ricky and I discuss a scene.

Sabrina (doing what she does best - talking on the phone) and Sebastian.  (Does it look like he's trying to listen to her or me?  :-)  ).  Sabrina also provided invaluable technical assistance (she used to work at the paintball field) as well as coordinating with the officials, arranging for food, acting in the scene, getting actual paintballs, and of course, shooting Ricky with the paintballs.

One of the bruises Ricky got from the paintball.  Although we cut the muzzle velocity by a third, and shot from at least 20 feet away, it still packed a punch.  Ricky was brave enough to act as my stunt man and take the hits for both Sebastian and Vladimir!  Kudos go to Ricky!  Kevin also took his own hits so Kudos go to him too!  Ricky says it didn't hurt but I'm not sure if I believe him.  However, we might need to retake the scenes where the actors get hit (wearing the right pants this time :-) ) and Ricky has volunteered to take the hits again!

6/29/03 - Filming begins!  Since the scenes are not shot in sequence, I am taking pictures of what the actors are wearing so we can make sure they wear the right clothes in sequential scenes.  Below left is what Ricky was wearing in scene 81 and below right is what Sebastian was wearing in scene 93.

6/27/03 - The first scenes will be shot this weekend, 6/29 !  All roles have been filled with just a few exceptions, I don't expect any delays in the schedule due to casting at this time.  The current schedule has the shooting finishing on 8/2 so that will give me two months to edit it and add in music, sound effects, and foley.  This is good because it took that much time for Specks.

6/16/03 - The auditions were great!  We had 30 very talented actors show up and everyone had a good time.  There aren't enough speaking roles for everyone, but everyone who attended the auditions are guaranteed a bit part if they want it, there are a few to choose from.  I have contacted the 5 principals and I'm now in the process of contacting people for the other roles.  Hopefully I will be able to contact everyone by this evening, tomorrow evening at the latest.

I also checked out the paintball place.  (One scene occurs on a paintball field).  I was very pleased to see the nets surrounding the playing fields.  The nets serve two purposes: 1) to catch any stray paintballs and 2) keep players in their playing field.  We will have the exclusive use of a field during the shoot (this was always a requirement but I wasn't sure how it would be enforced).  I no longer have any nightmares about shooting this scene!  I am now more worried about people tripping and falling into the pool during the pool party scene than I am people getting hurt during the paintball scene!  :-)  The only bad news is there is lots of mud at the entrance to the field we will be shooting at and there is only one entrance.  Hopefully it will dry out over the next 2 weeks.

6/13/03 - The script is complete!  I must say, I think it's really good.  My son and I put a lot of work into it.  Comments from those who have read it have been *very* positive.  Along with completing the script, I did a script breakdown and took a first cut at the schedule.  If things go as planned, shooting will start 6/28 and end 8/17.  I've allowed one weekend off and 8/23-8/24 is reserved for schedule slips.  However, we will never, ever, forget Murphy's Laws.  I mean, that's what the movie's all about.  :-)

The auditions are tomorrow.  More than 30 people have signed up!  Dawn will be conducting the auditions and I'm anxious to see what she has planned, she says it will be lots of fun.  Dawn is my Assistant Director on this one.  For more information on her, click here.  Now that we are moving into the Production Phase, this page will be updated more often.  I will try to update it once a week after the shooting starts until the movie is completed and ready to send out.

5/29/02 - The script is 75% complete and the first draft should be done by the middle of June.  I anticipate holding auditions in mid June (say 14-15).  I am planning on shooting the first scene June 28-29.  Only the supporting male role will be needed for that scene.  I anticipate the regular shooting will begin July 12.  It is very important to complete the shooting by the end of August so I can have Sept to edit it and add music, foley, and sound effects.  That gives me enough time to submit to Sundance by the deadline of Oct 3.

5/10/03 -  The script is about 50% complete and I expect to have the first draft complete by the middle of June.  Filming is scheduled to start in late June or early July.  I have been spending a lot of time preparing marketing material for Specks but that is practically done at this time.

11/19/02 - Filming will start in the Spring of 2003.  The script is currently being written and the first draft is about 25% complete.

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