Space Specks Characters


Captain Timothy Ryan.  Lead role.  Male, white, age: 30 to 40.  New Captain of the USS Challenger, the fastest starship in the fleet.  Ryan is highly intelligent, very compassionate, normally goes by the book, friendly but formal, doesn’t tolerate prejudice or incompetence, willing to bend the rules for a good cause.  Known to stick his neck out on many occasions, that’s why the Space Force wants him on the Challenger.

First Officer Commander Maxwell Grant.  Supporting lead role.  White male, 25 to 35.  Max has his finger on the pulse of the crew, knows everyone by their first name.  Very outgoing, friendly, family man material.  Jokes around a lot.  Falls in love with Sara and chases after her.

Helmsman Ensign Sara Starr.  Supporting lead role.  White female, 20 to 30.  Smart, efficient.  Knows the regulations like the back of her hand (fresh out of the academy).  Tends to be suspicious, especially of Max’s intentions, doesn’t trust men.

Sensor Officer Ensign Andy Luna47.  Android, white male, 20 to 30.  Robotic mannerisms.  No emotions and no particular desire to have them.  Very formal and polite.  Honest to a fault, highly intelligent, innocent, naïve.

Tactical Officer Lieutenant Yak Tuk.  Alien (the Baccar), black male, 20 to 30.  Very military, from a race of warriors.  Abrupt, efficient, not friendly.  Honor is more important than anything else.  Notes:  I am looking for someone who can make themselves up to look like an alien (or can bring their own make-up artist).  The make-up doesn't have to be exotic, in fact, simpler is probably preferred because 1) I want to be able to see all of your (human) expressions, and 2) simpler takes less time to get into.  Something like Vulcan ears and eyebrows are acceptable, it just has to look real and be visibly distinct.

Communications Officer Lieutenant Katie Catrina.  Attractive white female, 20 to 30.  Also a chemical telepath.  The chemical intoxicates her for about an hour.  Sexy, compassionate, and out-going.  Likes guys, but they tend to be afraid of her because of her mind reading abilities.  She makes a pass at every guy on the ship.

Major bit parts (1 or 2 weekends of shooting):

Doctor Steward Jones (Commander).  White male, 30 and up.  Head of Medical department on ship.  Friendly, good bedside manner.  Doesn’t readily accept new technology, strong believer in organic things.  Not real happy with Androids, claims they will make humans fat and lazy.

Engineering Officer Lieutenant Commander Barry Glover.  Male, 20 to 30.  Smart but doesn’t interact with other people real well, somewhat of a nerd.

Commander David Bennet.  Male, 20 to 30.  Friendly but formal.

Admiral Morgan.  Female, over 40.

Minor bit parts (1 day of shooting):

Rafi Captain.  Black male, alien, 20 to 30.

Rafi Lieutenant.  Black male, alien, 20 to 30.

Nurse,  Female 20 to 30.