"Space Specks."  Science Fiction Comedy.  While on an emergency medical mission to a distant star system, a starship encounters a tiny alien race whose bark is louder than their bite.  It's not easy in outer space to negotiate with an under-sized foe through an over-sexed telepath.  Proof that size doesn’t matter.

USS Challenger



Speck Ship (Enlarged)


During an emergency medical mission to a distant star system, the starship USS Challenger, is attacked by the Specks, a tiny alien ship less than an inch long.  The Specks, prideful and convinced of their superiority, ruthlessly blast the starship's hull confident they'll succeed, but they’re so small their weapons merely “scratch the paint”!

The Challenger must get away from the Specks to continue its mission before time runs out and millions start dying, but the Speck ship is so close that it lies inside the hyperwarp envelope, and any attempt by the Challenger to leave will destroy the diminutive warriors.  Captain Ryan doesn’t want to harm the Specks (“We do not greet new races by killing them!"), but even a warning shot could vaporize the little ship.  If Ryan leaves, he kills the Specks, if he doesn’t leave soon, millions of people will die.

Captain Ryan is joined by Andy, the outdated android who sucks up to the Captain so he won’t be replaced, Katie, the telepath who becomes sexually aroused by the telepathic drug, Sara, the beautiful but hard-nosed helmsman, Tuk, a fierce warrior from a double gravity planet, and Max, the best First Officer in the fleet.

War Story:

Mike Berg did a terrific job editing the sound but the movie was shot in my Mom’s garage and she lives on a busy street.  I put up foam board insulation, cardboard, and duct-taped all the cracks but my shotgun microphone was just too sensitive.  Naturally, we waited for the cars to pass before doing a take, but sometimes they’d pass in the middle of one.  So, if you hear what sounds like the rushing air of a car passing by, just think of it as a near miss by a passing asteroid.  In addition, it was cricket season, but fortunately not a single cricket was killed during the making of this movie.  NOT!  Damn space crickets were everywhere!  EVERYWHERE I tell you!  We had to bomb the garage daily and I’m not talking about nuclear type bombs.

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