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Home: Austrailia

Occupation: Computer systems programmer and administrator.

Musical Experience:  With a passion for music and a fascination for technology, Thor K. Gehrke graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science (Math & Computer Science) degree and has since been working as a computer systems administrator and programmer.  This fits perfectly with the way he produces music, using synthesizers and sequencing/editing software to create sounds which are either altered from existing sounds or developed from scratch.  Thor strives to keep a naturalness and emotional intensity to his music and sounds in the hope that the line between real instrumentation and synthesized can be blurred, without producing something people have heard before.

As composer & producer of the scores to "Space Specks" (by Dunbar Productions) and "The Empty Room" (by Corridor Films), Thor had his first venture into the world of film-scoring, and he looks forward to composing and producing the music for movies, television, and even computer games and media in the years to come.

Education: Bachelor of Science degrees in Math and Computer Science, 1999.