2/25 - Wow, lots of activity the last few days!  I'm trying to sign up two new animators so I hope to have info on them soon.  With them, my confidence in meeting the release date would rise to 80% (right now it is less than 50% because of the loss of Bo).  Work on the sound effects is starting to gear up.  The following movies are avi so I'm not sure if they'll work, I'll try to convert them to mpg later this week.  Most of the files work better if you save them to your hard disk by right clicking.  Then select Save As or Save Target As (remember the path).  Then just double click on the file with Windows Explorer and it will play.  Ryan has completed the transporter scene, click here for a sample.  Don has provided this for the starfield in the bedroom scenes.  LOVE the flare!  Ryan has also come up with neat space effects for the opening credits, click here.  And finally, below is the skeleton Ryan is using for my blooper footage.  I am extremely pleased with the quality of work I continue to receive from Ryan and the Movie Makers.  This movie may never make it to film, but I am beginning to think it may do very well if it goes straight to video.  The effects are turning out to be awesome!

2/21 - Don is nearing completion of the Glover Engineering scene and it looks terrific!  Just click here for a 1.4 MB video.  Below left is the comm satellite that Mark is working on.  Looks cool!  Below right is the Speck Bridge which John is working on.  Looks GREAT!

2/20 - Well, I'm finally on the road to recovery!  I can wear my glasses without pain now!  Got good news and bad news.  Bad news is that Bo Mosley has to drop out of the project.  He just got a new job working on The Matrix 2 and his schedule has become hellacious.  We wish Bo great success with his new job in LA and thank him for the design efforts on the Challenger.  (It will get you a screen credit, Bo!  And, of course, the usual free VHS copy of the completed movie).  (I'm up to about 40 copies now :-) ).  The good news is that I'm not projecting a schedule slip at this time.  Yes, we are behind schedule but I'm going to be doing certain activites in parallel instead of sequentially, so I am still optimistic.  I will have a better feel for the situation at the end of April.  I have posted a revised schedule in the schedule section.  Other good news is that I appear to have enlisted the talents of 3 sound effects people.  One of those is a lead sound designer for Acclaim Entertainment.  I will post more info as we work out the details.  And below we have a test rendering of the transporter pad base by Ryan.  Doesn't it look FABULOUS!  Simply Fabulous!  I am now doing the editing of the entire movie (using the same techniques as in the trailer) and plan on having it done in about a month.  So far, I have done scene 2.  But this was one of the more difficult scenes to edit because of all the factors (we changed this scene at the last minute, cars going by, getting the right delivery, space crickets, and of course *lots* of bloopers).

2/15 - *Still* sick.  Now it's an infected tear sack (probably as a result of the sinusitus).  They hooked me up to an IV and gave me antibiotics and I have to have more treatments over the weekend.  However, the Doctor says I should be feeling normal by Monday so I'm *really* looking forward to it.  Anyway, below left is another test version of the Speck Bridge.  I want to make them smaller, but then parts of them don't show, so Ryan came up with this console.  John has some really neat ideas how to solve the problem too.  Below right is the first textured version of parts of the Rafi ship that Thommy's building.  Cool!

2/11 - John has been going to town on the Speck Bridge scene along with a little help from Mark.  Below left is the first trial with the Specks in the scene.  It looks Great!  We plan to make them smaller and push them back a little and then probably shrink the entire scene to make them look smaller still.  To the right is the bridge with the chairs that Mark made - they look cool too!  I'm afraid I didn't get much done this weekend, I'm *still* sick (sinusitus now - the flu turned into a cold) and I had to do my taxes.  I went WAY over budget on Space Specks.  I can't reveal the actual budget (I went to a Producer's seminar once which recommended that you never reveal your budget) but I am allowed to say that my budget was under 1 million dollars.  :-)

2/7 - I think the green screening is solved once and for all!  I am now using AVI_IO with the Huffyuv codec and obtaining some great analog captures at SVHS quality.  I haven't tried any lengthy captures yet (to make sure voice and video remain in sync) but I'm very optimistic.  I understand some of the animation team members are sick with the flu too (John and Don), so I wish them a speedy recover.

2/5 - Well, I *still* have the flu and it's driving me crazy, hopefully it won't last much longer.  Mark came up with his first rendition of the communications satellite, see below.  *Very* futuristic!  I managed to complete version 2 of the trailer but I shipped it off to my little brother for music.  As soon as he does the music, I'll add it to the trailer and post it.  I sent Ryan the transporter blooper footage so he could edit it and add the special effects, but we ran into some problems with codecs.  We did some testing and afterwards, I mailed him new files today (via a CD, these files are just too huge to try and send over the Internet).  I also plan to send him some of the green screen work but I'm still working on getting good captures.  Right now I have to capture mp2 with ATI and convert to mov uncompressed with Ulead, and then trim with Premiere.  However, I'm having problems with the sound tracks staying in sync with the video.  Don says he knows how to fix it so I should be back on track in a few days.

2/1 - Don is working on the Engineering room and we are debating on how to open the scene so that we can show more of the room (a lot of hard work went into it).  I think the Zoom out and pan shot here looks good.  I will try to have version 2 of the trailer up in a day or two.  (Still got the flu).

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