4/30 - I'm currently editing Scene 56, boy is this a tough one.  There are green screens within green screens within green screens within green screens.  4 layers.  Also, as a reminder, for editing purposes I'm not trying to get good chroma keys.  That will come during the second edit.  (So the green screens will have jagged edges).  Also, Don and John will be helping out with the keying because it is a time consuming process (have to do a lot of tweaking).  After S56, the rest of the editing should go smoothly and then I'll start on the modeling and animation.  Thommy is roaring ahead on this so I have a lot of catching up to do.  Thommy came up with the binary sun picture below.  Talk about cool!  You will see it in an animation!  (PS, I've had not one, but two defective motherboards so that has impacted my schedule a bit).

4/23 - Not a lot of progress made this week, I've been building my new PC.  Everytime I do this (build my own), I say it's not worth it and swear next time I'll buy off the shelf.  Then when the time comes, I can't find exactly what I'm looking for and prices are so high, I break down and build it myself again.  Well once again, I swear next time I'll buy off the shelf.  :-)  Thommy has just made some test animations, they look COOL!  Here they are: s09_test, s35_test, s48_test, and s57_test.

4/14 - Well, I ordered a new mobo, CPU (P4 2 GHz), and RAM which should arrive tomorrow.  Although it will only help the editing a little bit (most of my time is spent reviewing footage) it should cut my file creation time in half (currently about 20 minutes to make a 4 minute mpg segment) and significantly reduce rendering time when I start to do the animations.  Ryan has sent me an animated version of the Space Station, it looks COOL!  Click here.  Don has sent me an animated version of the elevator.  Looks GREAT!  Click here.  Both of these animations have no sound.  Below left we have a composite of Scene 11 by Ryan.  As you can see, we are getting close to production quality now.  Below right is the latest version of the Challenger by Ryan.  Looking good!

4/8 - I've just discovered a serious length problem.  If I project the total length of the movie based on the editing I've done so far, it will come out to be about 75 minutes.  Since the script is 104 pages, it should come out more like 104 minutes.  I believe what this means is that the movie is playing out too quickly and I need to slow it down.  Consequently, I will have to revise some of the clips.  The movie *must* be 80 minutes to qualify as a "full length" feature and 90 minutes is preferred.  I've been guessing at the length of the animation scenes so hopefully I can extend those a bit.

4/4 - Well, I might have to think about revising the release date.  It is taking me a heck of a lot longer to do the editing than I planned.  As an example, I have 56 minutes of raw footage for scene 31.  It took me about 1.5 hours to capture it, and then I have to edit it.  Probably 3 to 4 hours to do that (granted, it is a more complex scene with lots of angles).  Removal of mikes and other objects (if there are any) takes another hour or so.  So that's about 6 or 7 hours of work for a 7 minute scene and that doesn't include sound editing.  Anyway, if I do have to revise the date, I don't think it will be by more than a few weeks.  I haven't gotten a lot of interest in the movie theater idea.  The cheapest place I could find was about $1000 for 100 seats and then another $500 for the DV projector so that put tickets at $15 each.  Nobody outside of the cast and crew (and their friends) has shown any interest.  My fallback plan is a private party at my Mom's and I'll hook up a bunch of TVs for a simulcast.

Below are pictures of the final rendering of the Rafi ship by Thommy.  This ship is so good that I'm worried about people liking it more than the Challenger!  I am dying to see this baby animated!  Fantastic job, Thommy, fantastic!  (BTW, Thommy pronounces his name like we do Tommy).  Top 4 pictures are the Rafi ship.  Bottom left is Bennet (played by Robert Spuhler) in Outpost 38.  We are still working on it but its looking real good if you ask me.  Since we are worried about people liking the Rafi ship more than the Challenger, Ryan is redesigning the Challenger a bit, see bottom right picture.

4/1 - John had his knee operated on Friday (scheduled outpatient surgery) and I am pleased to say that everything went well and we hope he recovers quickly.  In the meantime, John is hopping along and has already completed the first version of Outpost 38 (sorry, bad joke :-) ).  Top left is the first version of a cabinet and top right is the first version of the Outpost.  Looks great, John!  Everything looks so realistic!  I can't wait to see the second version!  Sorry about the joke!  Bottom left is the planet that will be at Space Base 4.  Don't you love the blue!  I do!  Thanks, Ryan!  Bottom right is a revised version of the Challenger by Ryan.  I can't wait to see it textured!!!  And, just to get your mouths watering, bottom center is a possible peek of things to come for the Challenger.  I *love* it!!!

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