5/27 - Built a green screen and reshot the Speck scenes this weekend - boy, am I sore!  Too much exercise!  :-)  Scenes turned out great, corrected all the problems.  New renderings of the Challenger are below.  Still has a ways to go but it's getting there.  VOs are scheduled for some of the cast this week.  I probably won't get a chance to update the web site until next week.  Animation work continues.

5/23 - Well, I hate to do it but I *must* officially change the release date.  There is simply no way we can meet July 1.  We are still running about a month behind on the animations, and I must also admit that it is *my* animations that we are behind on.  This is primarily because the editing took much longer than I'd anticipated.  The new release date is Sat, July 27.  This gives us an extra month, but still hits July.  I must caution everyone that there is still the possibility we won't meet the new deadline.  It is just very difficult to estimate how much free time everyone will have.  Thommy's work is changing buildings so they are going to tear down all their equipment in June.  He is trying like crazy to get his stuff done but I'm afraid I'm holding him back because I don't have the Challenger done.  Thommy's wife is also expecting a baby so he will be taking vacation when the time comes.  (Late June or early July I think he said).  Mike is expecting a very heavy workload in June with lots of travel.  (Something we both hate!).  There is still a tremendous amount of sound work to do, we haven't really started yet (although Mike has done a lot of Foley work, I think).  I *must* take my family on vacation this summer since we didn't go on Spring Break.  Fortunately, it will only be for a week.  I'm trying to talk them into a Fall vacation :-) but they aren't too excitied about it.  There is also a tremendous amount of green screening left to do.  Fortunately, I hope to get a lot of help from the Movie Makers on that.  So, we will have to see.  And now, a personal message:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUCE!  I managed to trash my address book so I don't have your new email.  I think I have it at work, but I'll have to check tomorrow.

5/20 - Below we have the first test renders of the Challenger.  I don't like the round windows on the sides so those will go away.  I only did the engine and wing on the top, I haven't done the side engines yet, but they will be similar.  Not sure about all the windows on the front, it kind of makes it look like a cruise ship instead of a military ship.  There are no bump maps or specular maps yet.  Ryan has been working on the Morgan scenes and they look spectacular!  He has just finished S45 and is working on the last scene.  Thommy has started the animation renderings.  Unfortunately the files are too big to post.  The animations are Fantastic!

5/14 - I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day.  Unfortunately, wives expect the same treatment from their husbands that they do from their kids ("I am the Mother of *your* children!  Got that?") so I spent much of the weekend making sure she was happy, and of course, visiting my Mom and taking her to dinner.  Actually, I don't mind because Father's Day is just around the corner, and the same arguement holds true so I get the red carpet treatment as well.  I've been having animation application problems but I think I'm ok now.  We are trying to figure out how to exchange files, what format to do them in, etc.  I will be finishing the Challenger model (oh boy!) and I should have something to show before the weekend.  Not a finished model, but something to show.  The first cut edit is done, and the length is just a bit short, 75 minutes I think.  However, with a little re-editing, making the animations a tad longer, and throwing in the credits and bloopers, I will easily make the required minimum of 80 min.  Ryan is working on the Morgan scenes, below is a beautiful example.  Everything in the background is animated!  Don, is working on the Quarter's scenes (the windows) and they are going to be really tough because 1) there is motion and 2) the towel is green.  I forgot about the green in the towel when we were shooting!  :-)  John is going to be helping with the green screening I think, but we are having problems exchanging files.  I need to have the actors come in to do some Voice Overs so I should be arranging that very soon, within a couple weeks.

5/6 - Thommy has posted refined animations for the scenes he's working on but these files are too big to post.  They are also using low resolution models for testing purposes.  I have finished the first cut edit of the live action and now I'm starting on my animation tasks.  I'll try to post some pictures next week.

5/1 - I promised a re-assessment of the schedule after April so here it is.  July 1 is not completely out of the question but it looks unlikely at this point.  I suspect most of the animations will be completed but there will be a significant amount of sound work to do.  What we have discovered is that it doesn't make a lot of sense to work on the sound until the video is pretty much done.  So, I am still shooting for July 1, but it looks like August 1 may be more realistic.  I estimate the odds of meeting July 1 at 40% and August 1 at 90%.

Below we have pictures of Deneb, Medar, and Outpost 38 originally created by Ryan and converted to Maya by Thommy.  There is still a little tweaking to do and Medar needs those glorious rings.  :-)  Below that is a starfield Thommy created which we will be using for the animation backgrounds.  The animations are going to be *really* good!

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