6/29 - Bad news - my High Speed Cable connection is down!  It took service 5 days to get out and they didn't even fix the problem.  New service date is July 9.  As a consequence, I don't know if I'll be able to provide a status report next week.  However, I think this will satisfy everyone's needs until then.  It is a sample of the final production animation quality.

6/24 - Another busy weekend!  I scraped together some components to put my old PIII/850 back in operation so it can do rendering on a 24 hour basis.  In the process I had to reinstall Windows on the Kids PC in order to get the network card working.  John has been making all sorts of progress on the Bennet scenes, see top two pictures.  The background looks terrific!  Great job, John.  Don has also been making progress on the Quarter's scenes.  These are very tough to do because the camera is moving.  However, they look great, see second row of pictures.  Ryan completed the Morgan scenes a while back, not sure if I posted anything so I do so now.  There is also a picture of the latest Speck attack.  (Third row).  Looks good, Ryan!

6/17 - Whew!  Busy weekend!  Top two pictures are by Ryan, the Speck ship attacks the Challenger.  Surrender or Die!  Next row of pictures is the satellite at Outpost 38.  This will be on the bridge viewers.  The next three rows are all test pictures of what the Challenger shields will look like.  My favorite is bottom right.  And, my very first test render of scene 01 can be downloaded here.

6/9 - Thor Gehrke has signed up as the Musical Composer and Producer.  You can listen to a sample of his work in the trailer version 2, now on the site.  His bio is here and his mp3 web site is here.

6/7 - The Challenger is nearing completion.  I'm afraid my new target date of July 27 is not looking good.  Although there is a good chance the animations and green screen work will be done or close to done, there is still a lot of sound work to do.  If I miss the July release, I will not announce a new release date, it is just too difficult to estimate given this is being done on a part time basis.  However, I would be surprised if it slipped by more than a month.

6/5 - I just have to share these cool pictures with everyone.  The Rafi ship looks awesome!

6/3 - Got the majority of VOs done this week, only 3 more to go.  Top images below are of the satellite.  It is almost finished, just need to tweak the bump map a bit.  Bottom two images are the Challenger.  One on the left is without the grid, one on the right has the grid.  The body is looking pretty good now, just have to position the windows better and thin the grid lines.  I think I'll be able to finish it up this week!  Hooray!

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