7/27 - I think there is an excellent chance of completing the video work by the end of August.  Other than one or two scenes from Don, the remaining animations are mine to do.  If things go well, I should have no problems making August 31.  Thor is fairly confident he can have the music completed by the end of August.  He has been giving me regular progress reports and so far he is right on target.  I'll see if I can coax a sample from him for the next report.  Mike is being snowed under at work so it is very unlikely that the sound track will be completed by the end of August.  September is looking *very* good for a release date.  The good news is that I will help Mike out as soon as I finish the video work.  I really, really, really want to submit the movie to Sundance and the submission deadline is October 4, so the end of September is my drop dead date.  I am 99% sure I will make that date.  Below top left we have an Admiral Morgan scene composited by Ryan.  Everything in the background moves!  Top right is an elevator scene by Don, the lights move to simulate motion.  Bottom left is the Challenger arriving at the Outpost (starfield by Thommy, planet by Ryan, satellite by Mark, Challenger by me, animation by me).  Bottom right is my impression of a tractor beam, however I'm having some problems so the production version will probably be a little different.  That's all for now.

7/21 - Things are starting to come together.  The video work has been completed for S01-S06 (scenes 1 through 6).  I have to make a Sick Bay scene, but after that it should go quickly.  I still have two more animations to do I think, but I want to get some video work finalized so Mike can work on the sound.  Below left we have Andy the Android sitting in his quarters, reading a copy of Android Illustrated.  Below right is the crew on the bridge with the green screen work done.  Looks pretty cool and the live action looks great!

7/16 - Ok, which looks better?  Blue exhuast or orange exhaust?

7/15 - CONGRATULATIONS to Thommy and Mark!  They both had baby boys on July 9.  Also belated congratulations to Clio who had a baby girl back in February.  Sorry I haven't been posting many pictures, it takes a lot of time to do that and I've been concentrating on working on the movie instead.  In addition, most of the things we are doing now are full videos rather than screen tests.  I have Scene 01 rendering, it will take about 29 hours (PIII/850).  I am starting on Scene 06.  I think I have about 3 or 4 more scenes to do.  Thommy has finished all of his animations, although one needs compositing.  He is on vacation now.  Ryan has been working on the Speck attack scenes and they look great!  We're throwing in a couple that are not in the script.  John has finished the Bennet scenes and is working on the Speck scenes.  They look really good!  Don has finished all the Quarters green screening and is mailing me a CD.  He has also come up with a warp effect that is outta sight!  I will use it in several scenes and then a special version will be used in Scene 51.  End of August is looking good for the completion of the video work but there is still a lot of sound work to do.  Here's a couple pictures.  Top left is Thommy's scene of the Challenger leaving Medar 6.  Top right is my version of Medar 6, we will have to change one of them.  Bottom left is Ryan's scene of the Speck ship attacking the Challenger and bottom right is Ryan and Don's scene of the Speck ship getting zapped.

7/8 - Well, they finally fixed my High Speed Connection.  Actually, it just started working one night so I don't know if it was them or what.  They say I have a bad drop cable and will replace it tomorrow.  Made some good progress this weekend.  Thor gave me a progress report on the musical score, things are coming along steadily.  He's not anticipating any problems meeting the schedule.  I resolved the referencing problem so I finally got back to doing animations.  I should have S01 finished in a few days.  When it's done, I'll finalize the opening credits so I can tell Jack how long to make the opening song.  In addition, I'll be able to give Mike the final dialog track for S01-06 so he can work on that.  I think things will start coming together quickly over the next few weeks.  Mark's wife is having a baby so he needs to spend some time tending to his family duties and won't be able to contribute any more.  We hope everything goes well for him and his family.  The end of August is not looking real good, but it is too early to tell.

7/3 - My High Speed Cable connection is still down!  It has been over a week now.  I am convinced that Cox Communications doesn't know what they are doing, I have gotten too many conflicting stories.  Ryan finished the Speck attack scene but I can't post it, my dial-up modem is too slow.  I'm having problems with some of the animation files, they won't reference or render when I try to combine them with my scenes.  We are working on the problem.  John has finished all of the Bennet scenes and is starting on the Speck scenes.  Don has completed most of the bedroom scenes.  Thommy's office is in the process of moving so he doesn't have access to his machines yet.  I finished my first animation (see June report).  I think I only have 4 more to do.  The animations go pretty quickly, it is the texturing and modeling which takes time.  I tried to remodel Medar 6 but I haven't been successful (it won't render when referenced).  I hope to make some serious progress over the long holiday.  Everyone have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July!

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