8/25 - The video editing is done!  There are still a few scenes I'd like to fix if there's time, but I just have to get working on the sound track in order to make Sundance.  Thor has scored almost half of the movie and it's sounding really good!  I don't have the bandwidth to post samples, but listen to version 2 of the trailer if you want to hear what it sounds like.  I am now working on the audio track full time and will be getting with Mike to see where we are and how I can help out.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now!  Not only that, but I can also tell that it's NOT the front headlight of a train!!!  :-)

8/23 - The video editing is mostly done.  I just have 5 scenes to fix and the video portion will be completed (2 are elevator scenes, 3 are animations).  I'm hoping to be completed by Sep 20 but it might be Sep 27.  Oct 4 is the drop dead date because that is the due date for Sundance (not postmarked, must be in their hands).

8/19 - Busy weekend!  Got a lot done!  I finished S55-57 and it looks *really* good.  John Bailey's performance as the Rafi Captain is a real pleasure to watch!  Tom Sellwood delivers his usual solid performance as Captain Ryan and watching the two interact in the edited scene is just terrific!  Bravo Tom and John!  It is definitely one of the highlights of the movie which is great since it is the climax.  When I edited this footage, I ended up taking the crew's first take as I felt this was the most genuine.  This was a rare occassion when I actually had John present on the set, standing behind camera, when he delivered his lines for the benefit of the crew.  (In most cases, the green screen work was done at a completely different time).  They had never seen John's performance before so their reaction was quite genuine and more what I was looking for.  In John's footage, John, of course, is in front of a green screen and the set had been torn down weeks before.  However, John managed to deliver the same fantastic performance time after time, or should I say take after take after take.  Kudos to John!  Anyway, I finished editing S58-62, but it needs an animation scene (S59) which I will have done in a day or two, and I'm almost done with S63-69, the last scene segment of the movie.  I still have three scenes to fix, but I think I'm looking at completing the video portion within a week, two at the most!  Then it's full bore on the sound track.  Thor uploaded samples of the music for like the first 11 scenes and it sounds great!  Things are coming together quickly!

8/18 - Working on S56 now, it's a real bear.  The are 17 Rafi green screen shots each with an average of 3 layers and another 6 Morgan shots.  Below left is the Rafi on the right viewer.  Below right is a close-up of the Rafi.

8/16 - Making good progress, I'm currently working on S45-49, it has lots of green screen work and two animations.  I'm starting to think about marketing, I definitely want to submit to Sundance and Slamdance.  There are about 10 other festivals that look good and they occur after Jan 2003 but at 50 bucks a pop it could get expensive!  I'm confident about getting accepted *somewhere*!  It has turned out to be a really good movie with some great acting and terrific animations.  I plan to arrange a private screening (Oct maybe) for the actors, crew, and production staff but my first concern, of course, is marketing.  Below we have two snapshots from S46, where the Challenger arrives at Deneb.  I have the Challenger approach from the dark side because of the city lights - they look really cool!  Nice job, Ryan and Thommy!  In the scene on the right, the Challenger fires its engines to slow down.

8/13 - I'm back from my vacation.  I revised version 2 of the trailer to include the animations and posted it to the web site.  I'm currently working on S34-35.  Nothing else to report at this time.

8/1 - I am going on vacation soon so you won't have any updates for while.  Things are going slowly but well.  I have integrated the live action and animation up to Scene 31 and it is progressing rapidly.  Mike has done about 80% of the sound effects I think and Thor has almost completed the first cut of the score.  The end of August looks promising, but mid September is definite.  Below we have some composited scenes showing the difference between the Ultimatte and Primatte keyers.  Ulitmatte is on the left, Primatte on right.  If you download these files (to see them full size), you will notice some significant differences.  The armor reflects the light which makes the green spill from the green screen *very* difficult to deal with.

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