9/19 - It is done.

9/16 - It is almost done!  I think Thor might feed me a few more minor changes over the next week, but they will be easy to include.  I've prepared the ending credits with both the staged and live bloopers.  It turns out to be 4.5 minutes of credits and bloopers.  That makes the total movie really close to 90 minutes.  Monday I should be able to make the first cut of the entire movie with everything and will watch it on VHS tape Tuesday.

9/12 - I'm reviewing the completed movie to see what's missing and waiting for the final score to be finished (we're right on schedule).  I'm having a heck of a time trying to balance all of the audio elements, I'm just not sure what's going to sound the best.  I think I'll have to use a test audience.  I'm also working on the bloopers but I have a big problem.  Along with the staged bloopers, I have so many good live bloopers that I'd have to run the credits for 15 minutes!  It's a real reminder of how much fun we had making this movie.  Since the staged bloopers are mandatory, I guess I'll have to cut down on the others.

9/11 - My prayers go out to the innocent men, women, and children who were murdered by the scum of the Earth a year ago today.

9/9 - Lots of progress made.  Mike has completed all the dialog editing and I've imported it.  Only a few scenes need additional sound effects (s28, s46, s48, and s57).  Thor has finished the score and I have imported that too.  Thor is now working on some changes I requested.  Sep 20 is looking really good.

9/7 - Things are sounding really good.  There is a good chance I will complete by Sep 20 and things are on target for that date.  I might have to slip a week to Sep 27, but that is my drop dead date.  The movie will be finished by then, no ifs about it.  Sorry I don't have any pictures, all the work is audio at this time.  Thor has two scenes to score and then the first cut of the score is finished.  I would have no problems going with the first cut, it sounds really good.  Mike is now doing the sound effects for the animation footage, and it sounds really cool!  He finished the dialog editing, and let me tell you, it sounds *really* *really* good!  Very professional!  You will be very hard pressed to hear a single car pass by!  In addition to the final audio mixing, I still have to do the ending credits with the live bloopers.  I have 17 hours of footage to sift through and collect the best gems.  I also have to get the promo material together.  Lot's to do.

9/3 - Steady progress was made over the long weekend.  Mike has finished all of the dialog editing so I will start laying that into place and should have it done within a few days.  About 90% of the sound effects are done and they sound great, Mike is doing a fantastic job!  I'm doing a few sound effects too, but I'm trying to keep mine to a minimum since Mike's sound *so* much better.  :-)  About 80% of the music is done and Thor is right on schedule and the music sounds terrific!

9/1 - Audio work continues.  Mike has completed the first pass at the dialog track.  Thor has finished up to S33 and sent me mp3 files.  I've married the score to the video but will replace the mp3s with wav files.  We hope to do a little tweaking but that would be icing on the cake.  I've added all the sound effects Mike has sent me, we are only missing a few at this time.  The movie is looking and sounding *really* good!  Oh yeah, I forgot to post this neat scene from s26.  All three bridge viewers have a different picture and two of them are live (i.e., have movement).

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